Investment Strategy – Special Situations Group


Investment Process

Due Diligence
& Strategy
& Monitoring

Investment Structure Capabilities

  • Expansion Capital
  • Acquisition Advisory
  • Consolidation / Rollups
  • PIPEs
  • Origination & Syndication
  • Reverse Takeovers
  • Off-shore Restructuring
  • Distressed Debt

Investment Focus and Style //

Value-add & Aligned Goals –

SSG adopts a merchant banking approach toward identifying and creating value-add for investment opportunities. SSG takes on an active portfolio management role, assisting investee companies create value, achieve growth and meet pre-agreed objectives. This strategy allows SSG to align its interests alongside owners and management in its portfolio companies throughout the period of investment.

Macro Growth Orientation –

SSG specializes in Asian countries driven by macroeconomic growth factors, i.e. burgeoning urban populations, increasing wealth, growing middle class, enhanced energy usage, and an overall growth in discretionary and staples consumption.

Central Government Synergy –

SSG positions its investment focus alongside government regulatory & fiscal policies of growth-oriented economies, such as those outlined in China’s Twelfth 5-Year Plan, which universally promoted the food, pharmaceutical, residential housing, healthcare, sanitation and energy efficiency sectors.


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